The Atget show at MOMA is terrific.

Atget. Sceaux, mars, 7 h. matin. 1925.

I realize that it's like falling off a log for MOMA to do this show, but the prints have so much more shadow detail that you can see even in the books with the best reproduction. The statue above actually still has its head, which is something I never could see in the reproduction in the one-volume Atget/Szarowski book published in 2000. This MOMA jpg shows it a bit, but the print is much much better.

Avedon's self-portrait in the eyes of Jacquetta, Lady Eliot

I went to MOMA today to see the Atget show, and afterwards walked through the rest of the photos galleries. I saw a one-light Avedon portrait from 1965, and leaning in to examine the catch-lights in the eyes -- it looks like a plain old strobe and umbrella -- I think I recognized Avedon's silhouette at the edge of the catchlight. I remember seeing him stand beside the camera in that Laura Wilson picture of him shooting in the West: He may have been doing that here. 

You can see the full portrait of Lady Eliot here: