When NYers say to Bloomberg, "Don't treat us like Palestinians," I think this is what they mean.

I saw this sign at the the Stop & Frisk march in NYC on June 17. It was one of the more startling and effective slogans. 

I thought it of it again today when I saw this post at Mondoweiss. It's like an armed Stop & Frisk by Israeli soldiers. Maybe this has been Bloomberg's model all along.     

"At 1:30 past midnight last night, large forces of Israeli army raided many of the houses in the village of Nabi Saleh including of Bassem, Naji, Bilal Tamimi, without having any warrant.

"Soldiers also attacked Bilal Tamimi, the local photojournalist, took his camera and deleted its memory and handcuffed him for a while. In addition soldiers attempted to arrest Bassem Tamimi’s wife, Nariman, who documented the night raid to their house with her camera. 

"Accompanied by dogs, soldiers have searched several houses, while making a record of the residents and their houses and photographing them.

"Nighttime raids on Nabi Saleh targeting protesters take place on a regular basis, terrifying families and children. The raids, in addition to arbitrary arrests of the residents, are part of Israeli army campaign to deter villagers from organizing the weekly demonstration."


Read the rest: http://mondoweiss.net/2012/07/israeli-army-raids-nabi-saleh-registers-and-pho...