The Wired South: Now killing wild hogs via the interwebs.

It's Mayberry meets Star Trek!

From the Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle:

According to a Nov. 19 bulletin from the Georgia Information Sharing & Analysis Center, "three shotguns were set up on a platform and linked to a Web-accessible camera system that allows the guns to be fired via an Internet connection."

A second, identical system was found on the other side of the right-of-way, for a total of six shotguns. . . . 

The bulletin, circulated by the Office of Homeland Security, said the guns were trained toward a food plot, and that their likely intent was for hunting in an area known to be infested with feral hogs.

Benellis, of course. The shotgun of the modern south. Three-inch with extension tubes.   

I looking forward to the Garden & Gun profile + how-to.